Problems encountered when tiling swimming pool tiles

Features when tiling swimming pool tiles:

Influenced by water pressure up and down, the impact of outside weather conditions: sunny, hot, cold, cold

Effects of chemicals in swimming pools: the amount of chemicals put into swimming pool water treatment, over time will wear down the tiling materials.

If you choose the wrong product  tile glue, seamless glue , it will cause the tile to peel off, affecting the swimming pool structure.

The perfect solution with Thanh Thang’s PERFECT pool tile adhesive:
PERFECT swimming pool tile adhesive : ASIA- P06
Epoxy-based sealant: APOXY AJG-16
Construction instructions:
Surface preparation:

– With a completely new swimming pool, the cement floor surface needs to be completely dry

– The screed should be allowed to dry for 2-3 weeks

– The construction surface should be flat, firm, clean, and free from stains

– If construction is carried out in very hot weather, the foundation needs to be moistened before tiling

– Check the possibility of water leakage, if the amount of water put into the tank does not change after 1 week, drain the water, wait for the tank to dry completely, proceed with tiling.

Carry out gluing tiles, let the size completely after about 5-6 hours, then seal the circuit.

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