How many m2 is 1 bag of tile adhesive?

In the process of using  tile glue , many consumers wonder “how many m2 can 1 bag of tile adhesive make”. This is a very good question sent to Thanh Thang, please read our article below to answer this question!

1, 1 pack of tile adhesive, how many m2?

To build a project, right from the start, the owner of the project has to carefully calculate and plan, one of the important issues in the plan is to estimate the volume of materials, raw materials and materials. construction materials.

Choosing  tile glue  is now extremely reasonable and wise for any project, big or small. This is a high-tech building material capable of tiling in many areas: indoors, outdoors, etc., suitable for many types of stone bricks, including large-sized bricks with little water absorption.

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