Thang Thang was born in the context of Vietnam’s civil construction industry developing strongly due to integration with new construction products and methods of advanced countries. awareness, requirements for new products to replace traditional products for building materials in general and paving materials in particular, requires the domestic manufacturing industry to grow up to meet the requirements. grasp the urgent requirements of the market


Become a manufacturer of building materials, chemicals
Vietnam’s leading construction


Towards products with high applicability to
Serving the tiling needs of the majority of consumers
content and improve the living values ​​for Vietnamese people.


Quality – Professionalism – Creativity – Dedication

Thanh Thang always aims at products with high applicability to serve the tiling needs of the majority of consumers, improving the living value for Vietnamese people.

Factory Area

tons of new products in the year
(Factory Area)

Our partners include many large construction units during the construction day and major supply chains of materials across the country.
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