Outstanding advantages of tile adhesive

Outstanding advantages of tile adhesive
About the tiling construction method:

Currently, in construction, there are two methods for tiling: using traditional cement mortar and  glue for paving stone tiles.

Limitations of traditional cement mortar

The traditional method of using cement mortar is cheap, can be used for paving the floor and laying tiles at the same time, but there are still many limitations in quality such as peeling of bricks, joints, mold, etc. affect the aesthetics of the building, only suitable for some community projects such as schools, hospitals, etc.
Therefore, for projects such as houses and large projects, which require fast construction progress while ensuring durability as well as aesthetics, tiling glue has been introduced to replace cement mortar.

The advantages of stone tile tile adhesive:

– Tiling glue is conveniently packaged, when used, just mixes with water, very suitable for high-rise buildings in transportation. With tile adhesive, when installing, there is no need to soak the tiles in water, saving a lot of time.
– With the composition including cement, combined with additives, high polymer content, the mortar mixture after mixing with water has high adhesion, good waterproofing and anti-slip properties, the application is suitable for use. Many new types of high-quality tiles with smooth, hard-to-stick surfaces such as mosaic tiles, large stone tiles, and can be applied on vertical surfaces, dry walls or used tile surfaces.
– The ratio of water mixed into the glue is low, so after tiling, the amount of water evaporates less, there is no shrinkage or peeling of tiles.
– Long adjustment time (about 60 minutes), no need to destroy bricks and stones, saving construction materials

Stone tile tile adhesive gradually replaces cement mortar:
With many outstanding advantages, high efficiency in construction, tiling glue  has been and is a popular material to replace cement mortar.
Thanh Thang, is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam in the tile adhesive industry. We always create, research, and constantly improve to offer products to meet the increasingly innovative construction needs.

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